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Author: Shay (untold_story, TheWickedQuill, jracklesfan77)
DA, rated PG13, 100 word drabble
Written (Sept 08) for the Raising Hell prompt: Use this phrase in a story: r16;She always said that.r17;
Summary: Alec hears something heartening.


"We're not like that."

Right. Not like that, my ass.

She always said that.

And never meant it.

Made him wonder; did she mean anything she said? Could there be hope after all?

Because if her 'not like that's were anything like her 'shoulda let your head explode's...

Well, he could dream couldn't he?


"They're my family," she argued.

Logan murmured something but Alec had stopped listening.

So much for the possibility of her not meaning everything she said.

With slouched shoulders, he walked towards the exit.


"Yes, Logan, even Alec."

His mind boggled and his heart warmed.


Well, damn.