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Story Notes:
Ambiguous pairing.

Title: Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number
Author: Shay (TheWickedQuill, untold_story, formerly jracklesfan77)
Show: Dark Angel
Genre: Angst
Type: 100-word drabble, prompt challenge response
Rating: G
Note: Written for the Raising Hell February r16;titler17; prompt challenge of the same name.
Disclaimer: Dark Angel still isnr17;t mine. *sigh*
Summary: The title says it all.


Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number


It was my twenty-first birthday.


There were:

Twenty-one balloons, twenty-one candles and twenty-one kegs of beer.

Twenty-one seconds where I trembled with anticipation.

Twenty-one flutters of my pulse when you opened that little blue box.

Twenty-one sparkling gems, glittering like stars in a band of platinum.


Twenty-one rounds perforated the walls, tearing into flesh and shattering bone.

Twenty-one terrified men and women were caught in a web of destruction.


Twenty one, the sum of some; of one love, two individuals, three words, four intruders, five minutes and six seconds of terror.


Twenty-one were the breaths you took before you died.