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“I want you to train me.”

There it was. That one little phrase. How could something so small ruin everything. Alec couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Here he was enjoying his first burger in months and that had to be ruined as he gagged at the request.

“Come again.”

“I want you to train me.” Max shifted her weight and leant against the table in Terminal Cities headquarters.

Alec rolled the burger up and threw it in the bin. The joy had gone, the burger tasted, well let’s just say it had gone sour.

“I’m sorry Max, I just have to get this right, you want me to train you?” She answered his question with a roll of the eyes and a slight nod. A smirk began to appear on Alec’s face. “Me, the one who’s ass you frequently offer to kick? The constant screw up, the thorn in your side, the one who can almost never be trusted, of course unless it comes to taking a bullet and helping to save everyone’s ass?”

Max sat in silence, never making eye contact with him. She did always blame Alec for everything and he did always seem to be the one to get shot, though she generally dismissed it. Alec had every right to be pissed at her, but she wasn’t about to let him in on that.

“Just forget it.”

She pushed herself away from the table and turned her back on him. A hand quickly wrapped around her arm and gently turned her around.

“Hold on a minute.” Alec took Max’s chin and turned her head, forcing her to look at him. “Why? You can fight just as well as everyone here and let’s face it, you probably could kick my ass an-”

Have kicked your ass, Monty Cora.”

Max’s cocky expression brought the memories back and Alec hand instinctively went to his crotch. Max’s eyes followed and she burst into laughter.

“Yeah well, the boys are still reeling from that experience.” He too was laughing now. “But seriously Max, I don’t get it. Why? You know those shirts that say ‘Girls Kick Ass’, they could be talking specifically about you.” Max smiled at the comment. “Mind you, so could the one’s that say ‘Bitch’”

She hit him on the arm, but couldn’t help laughing at the comment. He was probably right. “I know I can fight and I can fight dirty,” she glanced at his hand again, “but with everything that’s going on right now, I think I need to learn more. Practically everyone here has more military training than me, except maybe Joshua and as much as I’d like to think I don’t need it-”

“You want to do it anyway.” Max nodded as Alec got to her point. “What brought this on Max?” she gave him a quizzical look, “Well, you know except for the pending doom to be brought by White and his rockers?”

“I just keeping thinking about the events at Jam Pony and how that familiar bitch was completely kicking my ass. I didn’t used to be that slow.”

“You’re kidding me right? We were all getting our asses kicked. I was about to have my head crushed until…” The scene came flooding back and Alec was suddenly thanking the heavens that he didn’t finish that burger. The sight of Logan saving your life was enough to make anyone heave. Not to mention the weeks after having to listen to the ‘don’t forget I saved you life…I could have left you to die, but I didn’t’. *Yeah well I could accidentally knock you into Max and-*


He looked up to see two brown, frustrated eyes staring back at him. He shook the images away and continued. “You get my point don’t you Maxie?”

“Yeah, but you also had a bullet in your arm.” *Huh. She did notice.* “And it’s not just the hand to hand combat.”

“You basically want to catch up on what you missed?”

“As much as I hate to say it, yes. You’ve got ten years on me. I have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Ok then.” A smile moved across Max’s face, but she tried to hide it. Why was she feeling so excited about this? “So want the whole shebang? Combat, tactical, arsenal?” Max nose screwed up at the thought of using a gun. “No arsenal?” Alec wanted to make sure he got everything right. There was no way that he was going to screw this up. He was at the top of his unit, the best and he wasn’t going to show Max otherwise.

“I think it may be time I get over my whole ‘no guns’ policy. I’ve got the feeling it may come in handy.”

“It just might.” Alec produced one of his killer smirks, not completely lost on Max. Why was he so excited about this? He knew he was more than likely going to regret accepting Max’s request, but as he’s said before, the girl is hot and he couldn’t knock her back. “Well it wouldn’t hurt for me to brush up on my skills anyway and maybe some of the others could do with an area to train in. Have a place to vent a little frustration, you know?”

Alec’s body clenched as he heard the voice. Logan decided to pop in for one of his few too many visits. Alec didn’t hate Logan, but the guy just wouldn’t go away. He was appreciative of the help, but Logan didn’t get that he wasn’t a part of this anymore and he certainly wasn’t a transgenic, no matter how Robocop like that exoskeleton made him. But Max still cared for Logan, even though Alec suspected that she too may be getting a little tired of his constant presence and well, interference. So Alec would deal.

“Yeah, I do.” Max looked toward Logan and released a quite sigh.