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Summary: Logan reflects on what he's lost, and hopes that one day she'll return. (Setting: Alternative ending to Freak Nation) MISSING CONTENT FIXED
Rated: G
Categories: Length > Standalone, Characters > Logan, Settings > Episode-based Characters: Logan, Max
Genres: Angst
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Word count: 1425 Read: 952
Published: December 13, 2006 Updated: December 13, 2006

1. Chapter 1 by Niphredil [ - ] (1425 words)
This story was written for a fan fic challenge at The Broken World Awards. The challenge (created by Drea Jackman) was to write for five minutes using the line "the memory burns" as inspiration for the fic. I was also inspired by the lyrics to Megadeth's song 1000 Times Goodbye. The story is told through Logan's POV. Published at fanfiction.net: 8-5-04