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Summary: Sequel to The Secret Gift. After Max's dreams crumbled, she pushed Alec away so that he could have the one thing he always wanted - a family. But she never told him why. When deceptions that neither transgenic was aware of are unearthed, how will things play out?
Rated: R
Categories: Length > Multi-chapter Characters: Alec, Max, Other/s
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Moderate character bashing
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Published: July 22, 2006 Updated: March 31, 2009

1. Chapter 1 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (2332 words)
A huge shout out of thanks to izabelevans for allowing me the use of the character 'Axel' from her stories 'Everyone's Got Secrets' and 'No More Secrets'.

Disclaimer: Dark Angel and all related elements belong to Cameron Eglee Productions and FOX. No copyright infringement intended. Only original characters and ideas are mine. All use of Dark Angel themes, etc., is purely for entertainment purposes and I am in no way receiving benefit of any kind (aside from the satisfaction of writing things as I see fit!)

2. Chapter 2 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (2244 words)

3. Chapter 3 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (3359 words)
A huge shout of thanks to Kimmy and Kathleen for their invaluable input and suggestions, and to Sonam for beta assistance, Amelia, Naj and everyone else for the friendship and support that got me this far!

4. Chapter 4 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (2651 words)
A huge "Thank you!" to Mandie, Shy, Sonam and Tiffany for helping set me straight, giving me the needed encouragement and for making me face my demons and not allowing me to run and cower instead. I love you guys!

(Right. So any praise, they are as deserving as I, and any complaints... I'M INNOCENT!)

5. Chapter 5 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (2251 words)

6. Chapter 6 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (2926 words)

7. Chapter 7 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (1975 words)

8. Chapter 8 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (3991 words)

A/N: Endless hugs to my wonderful hubby, Eli, for some rocking suggestions that I've employed in this chapter, and to CandyCentric for critique and encouragement. Thank you!

9. Chapter 9 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (2727 words)

10. Chapter 10 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (3307 words)

11. Chapter 11 by jracklesfan77 [ - ] (3630 words)
I know, I know, god do I know! But it's finally here.
For the skeptics among you - the rest is mostly already written so it really shouln't be that long before the next installment and our journey's end :)
I hope you enjoy this newest chapter and I look forward to your comments.