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As a registered user you can manage a list of favourite stories/authors and be contacted when favourite stories are updated, have a profile, leave signed reviews, and if you are an author, view your statistics. You do not have to be an author to register here.

To register, simply go to the Log In page in the navigation bar, click the Register link and enter your email and the username of your choice. Your temporary password will be emailed to you. When you log in you will be taken to a page where you can edit your personal information, manage favourites and manage stories (if you are an authorized author). Please do not upload stories or images unless you have admin approval.

- Notes regarding your User Account Menu

Add New Story: You can only use this function if you are an approved author or adding a story in application.

Add New Series: If two or more of your stories are a linked series (ie, you have posted a seperate prequel/sequel) you can catagorise them as a series. This makes it easier for readers to keep track of stories that are linked to each other.

Manage Images: Unfortunately this function is not working on this site. If you wish to add images such as a fan fic 'cover' to your story, you must upload your image to a separate image host such as and link it within your story.
- Please ensure your image size is not so large that it dominates the page or exceeds the width of the page layout.
- Also please ensure that you have permission to use the image. ie, don't upload someone else's graphic art, unless their permission has been given.
- If you need help in resizing or displaying an image for your story, you can use the Contact Form

Edit Preferences: Select whether you want to be contacted when stories in your Favourites list are updated, contacted for new reviews, set your default site theme, etc.


If you feel there is something else that needs to be on this page, or you have comments/questions/etc, please contact me by using the THIS Contact form.

As this is a moderated archive, there are a few rules to get through if you wish to submit a fan fic. By 'a few rules' I mean something close to a 45 page surivival manual, which can be located HERE. For those with only a generalised interest in knowing the submission guidelines, the gist of it is:

Spelling. Grammar. Formatting.

We're not Grammar Nazis but if your use of grammar and spelling is hard on the eyes, and if the entire story runs together into one endless paragraph, your submission will undoubtedly be declined.


1. Log in to your account and click the Add New Story link.
2. Select the category you wish to post your story to from Category Options. You must post your story to a Sub-category, not a main category. To transfer the sub-category of choice into the Selected Categories box, double click the arrow button.

- If you wish to cross-reference your fic into another category (eg, if your story fits into Manticore as well as Max/Zack), hit 'back to main' and follow the process to select the next category. Maximum of three.

3. Fill in the appropriate Title/Summary/Genre/Characters/etc information. To select more than one option in a list, hold the control key and click the mouse on each particular selection you want from that list.

4. Important note on Pairings As a courtesy to those who may be offended if they read a story involving a character pairing they do not like, please select character pairing if applicable.
- Pairing Implied: There's also the 'Max/Logan Implied' and 'Max/Alec Implied' options for stories which may suggest at a pairing, but are perhaps not heavy enough to disgruntle those of opposing 'ships'.
- Pairing UST: There may be no actual relationship between characters, but the implication of UST (Unresolved Sexuel Tension).
I have only listed the main character pairings. If you feel a particular pairing should be listed in the options, please let me know.

5. Now you can either browse your computer and upload a .html or .txt document, or can enter the text of the story/chapter directly into the text box.

.html files: The easiest way to upload a story to the archive, is by uploading it as an HTML file. If you are using MS Word, Works or any other word processing program that can save a file as a webpage, just select the .html extension from the drop down list when you click 'Save As' or whatever the equivilant is in your program. Then you can upload it with all its basic formatting in place. (ie, line breaks, bold, italics, etc will be preserved.)

.txt files: If you are uploading a .txt file or pasting your story directly into the text box, you do not need to insert line break tags < br > as a blank line between each paragraph will automatically convert.


As of 11 March 2007 I have completely restructured the categories. They are now more confusing than ever. I apologise for this, and will work on making the categories more user-friendly as soon as I have time. Suggestions on how this may be done are always welcome. (Seriously. I have the organisational skills of a... actually, I can't think of a comparision.)


Q. I have permission to post stories but when I upload them they don't show up on the site.
A. Send me an email or use the Contact link in my profile to let me know. No doubt I have forgotten to validate you, which means your stories are sitting in the validation que.

Q. After I post my story, all the quotation marks in my story change to question marks or weird characters. Help!
A. Sometimes the archive script doesn't recognise your quotation marks (or elipses) and converts them to weird characters such as “. I'm not smart enough to know why this happens, but if this has occured to your story or a story you have come across, please send me the link or title and I will sort it out.

Q. I have a story that has only one chapter so far, but I plan on writing more chapters. Can I still put it in the Multi-chapter category even with only one chapter?
A. Yes. And if at some point you decide you're not going to add more chapters, just log in and go to 'edit story' in your user panel, select the story then change it's category from Multi-chapter to Standalone.

Q. (Scenario) I have a story which makes references to Max and Logan being in the 'we're not like that' relationship they had on the show, but the plot is not centered on them romantically. Do I still need to put 'max/logan' in the pairings? It might alienate readers who do not like this ship!
A. If your story implies at a main character relationship but you do not feel this is a 'shipper' fic, simply select the appropriate '*/* implied' from the pairing list. Don't forget you can offer a larger explanation if you feel it is necessary, in your author note.